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Where is the American furniture market going? Three points to help you understand clearly
Date: 2018-10-31 16:52:49 Click volume: 714

As American furniture is more and more popular in the furniture market, consumers’ further requirements for American furniture are also increasing, and higher requirements are put forward in style design and natural environmental protection. It is summarized into three major trends.


Trend 1: The lifestyle of Chinese consumers has undergone more colorful changes and diverse developments. Consumers are pursuing more diverse tastes, comforts and personalities, and are more concerned with the origins of health, environmental protection and natural human needs.

Today, American furniture has become an elite group pursuing high-quality life. Pursuing the direction of life, life is not a simple luxury, but a life experience of comfort, health, fashion and elegance. Pursue art and beauty, blending history. And culture, more importantly, pay attention to the organic combination of family and nature, release the pressure of family, liberate the pure land of the soul, create a unique family life, and bring consumers a comfortable, individual and elegant home.

Trend 2: taste life, home culture and consumers’ rational reflection on home design, home style, taste, culture will enter the mainstream consumer’s life circle. With the understanding of the height of lifestyle, home culture is summarized as more Style, which style of home will be more classic? American furniture styles that emphasize comfort, health, environmental, natural and cultural content will become mainstream in the longer term.


Trend 3: Natural environmental protection, human nature originated from a materially peaceful period, and families with health, environmental protection and humanity are still the mainstream. In today’s increasingly rampant pollution, such as urban noise and noise, returning to health and nature is not only the voice of discerning people and the fashion of fashion, but also the mentality and dreams of many urban people. In this era of quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to health. The home environment can not be ignored. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to create a natural and green home environment in the production process.

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