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American furniture history traces – the product of comprehensive culture
Date: 2018-10-31 17:12:06 Click volume: 712

American culture can be said to be a “comprehensive body of world culture.” In the course of its development,American furniture has also absorbed the elements and culture of furniture from all over the world. Combined with the needs and external conditions of the United States, it has formed a diverse and unique style. This article does not expand on the specific styles of this article, mainly on its style characteristics and formation mechanism. 1. The style characteristics of American furniture as one of the material manifestations of human society and culture, the degeneration of furniture is inseparable from the cultural influence of its environment. Furniture is a necessity of human life in American society. In terms of its product characteristics, style characteristics and cultural character, it also inevitably reflects the characteristics and character of a beautiful and sleepy culture. It must have uniqueness, stability and inertia.



In the 300 years of American furniture development in the United States, a variety of different styles have emerged, and nowadays it also presents a variety of styles and distinctive characteristics. Originating in Europe, furniture different from Europe and America, like its culture, originated from Europe in the early days. It was mainly evolved from the classical furniture of Britain and France. As an emerging country, American architecture, painting, and crafts have not had enough time to accumulate their own experience. In the early stage, they were still inseparable from their ancestors, and thus their style practices still follow Europe.However, due to differences in the environment and lifestyle, the United States cannot completely copy everything in Europe.


Through the accumulation of practice, innovative Americans have found the art and culture of life that suits them. For example, their homes are characterized by different environments: the coastal area is a variety of masonry houses, and the south is an idyllic house, which is closely integrated with the natural conditions and climatic conditions. Although the furniture inside is not well decorated due to the conditions in the early days, it is more prominent in the shape, proportion and appearance, and more practical.

The same is the Windsor chair, although it was first born in the UK, but the American Windsor chair is more refined and more distinctive than the British. Relatively speaking, the Windsor seat in the United States is relatively thick, while the four leg plates open outwards at a large angle. The backrest is enclosed by a series of slender rotating rods, and some will add vase-shaped carvings. It is more light and delicate. This also reflects the outstanding innovation characteristics of American furniture.